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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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sister. there's not one day that goes by that she doesn't think about sierra. i could be sitting there and she'll just into my head. >> steve lamar knows how passionate the volunteers are and that has kept passion alive. >> and so it's just incredible, you know, how generous and good people have been. march 16th won't be just another day. >> it will be an emotional day. just, you know, i think about marlene and steve and daniel and i'm happy we'll all be together. but it's going to be a tough day. >> now, a ceremony will begin at 8:00 in the morning. they'll be having their regular saturday search right after. they're hoping people will stick around and help out.
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we've're live tonight, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. it's an emotional time for a lot of people in this area. garcia torez is accused of kidnapping and murdering lamar. he was arrested last may and has not yet entered a plea or had a preliminary hearing. a long delay isn't unusual with a case like this. but lamar's mother says every passing day just adds to her grief. >> pain and anguish is indescribable. it's been frustrating because it had gone on this long. >> she adds that finding the body is critical to the prosecution's case. on nbc bay area dot com, we have tomorrow's events to remember this girl. >> police are sorting through some 1,000 images of child porn seized from the home of a substitute teacher in san jose.
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he was arrest wednesday where he taught. but he was also a substitute teacher in san jose's school district from 2009 until just last month. the superintendent of that district sent out letters to parents with information about his address and the list of schools that he worked in. he's at valuely med on a psychiatric hold after trying to commit suicide last night. >> there simply wasn't enough evidence, that's what the army is saying, about a decision to discharge the soldier instead of prosecuting him on rape charges. that soldier, jeremy goulet. he was accused of two rapes while in the army in 2006. former defense secretary leon pinetta and members of congress have demanded investigation into why the military did not prosecute these cases. today, an army spokesman defended the decision saying in one case, dna didn't match. in another case, a victim could not id him.
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the army says they need a deal that included an honorable discharge. >> for the first time in three years, the san jose police department toured in 34 new officers today. >> the graduates will replace 430 officers who have left the department. some retired, others left for other departments. the new officers will hit the street for the first time next week. now, they'll be supervised for a few months and then be joined on the streets by other graduates. well, admitting to mistakes is promtsing and more transparent opd. the oakland police department is stepping up tonight and vowing for key changes to invest in the city's trust. jordan also wants the public to know that his cops are on the job and dedicated to doing the right thing. nbc bay area cheryl herd is live in oakland where transparency is the word of the evening. >> it is, indeed. keith jordan is telling me
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tonight that it's time to set the record straight. he says there's been so much negativity about his department in the press that he says it's time to speak out. >> the public has a right to know. >> some members of the public often criticizes oakland's police department from withholding the truth. his department is opened and transparent. >> you know, when we do something wrong, i'll be the first person to stand before you and admit that we do something wrong. >> case in point, ronald raw. his case in point murder conviction recently overturned after seven years. jordan admits mistakes were made in his department. >> jordan says he's not prepared to apologize to chow band. >> suddenly, you know, i was put all over the tv, the internet and i was scared and nervous for my life. >> and his attorney claims he was falsely arrested, accused and mistreated. jordan says.
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>> we're seeking additional witnesses. tonight, the chief says it's time to respond to these allegations. >> i preach transz parn si to the community. to the department. it's part of my vision for policing in oakland. >> the dmt is in the process of under going major restructuring. captains will be in charge of key neighborhoods. the first area to see the chapg, the bell district to the san leandro border. >> i feel that there's so many things that we don't know about in the police department. >> gwendolyn thomas pays close attention to city politics and her chief. and she believes his hands are tied by the mayor. >> they don't come out until we're either paying for something, you know, like a lawsuit or paying something off. >> unfortunately, we had matters open as it should be and intend to change that. >> chief jordan also tells me
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tonight that more changes are in the works. and he is hoping for positive press. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. it's a bit of a mess. the fbi is blaming the county of a paperwork mistake. a suspected bank robber is out and on the streets tonight. here's the story, the police arrested 22 gary fight, jr. on march 1st accused of robbing a bank and holding a gun to the teller's head. but the sheriff's department released him 22 hours later because there were no charges or warrants against him. the f.b.i. says the investigators simply missed a deadline for the paperwork. police say they're looking into what happened and they're trying to get feist back into custody. >> friends and family gathered for a prayer service for the victim today. osavado and her 23-year-old son and 15-year-old died saturday
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night when they were hit by an alleged drunk driver. the night of the crash, tests showed that the suspect, 20-year-old dennis telecedo had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. he's facing 15 years in prison if convicted of all three charges. the victim's family is asking for that maximum sentence. >> he took three lives of my family. yeah, i do feel like he does deserve the worst sentence that he deserves. >> he is in jail scheduled to be back in court next week. >> a change of direction in heyward. literally. they're creating one-way streets and a loop. late tonight, downtown heyward is being transformed in an effort to ease traffic. traffic flows in a loop in the often-congested five flags area of heyward. that's from jackson street and mission boulevard. work crews put out barricades and cones tonight to redirect
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the traffic from the final step in the construction. they expect to complete this traffic by monday morning's commute. it's the most important part of a 238 corridor project. >> well, titans on the move. the unlikely city that's sprouting its version of the valley. >> you never know what's going to get left behind. and you never know what somebody else is going to find interesting in 50 years. >> also, a rare chance to walk through bay area history. how you can see millions of artifacts almost never shown to the public. >> and he's known for his humility. the simple act of pope francis i did catch everyone off guard. >> right after the break, a reminiscent of the cold war era. what has the white house building um missile defense on the west coast.
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the united states is bolstering its defense system. the pentagon will spend a billion dollars to deploy the additional interceptors in alaska. officials want to act soon because they do believe that north korea is further along in its nuclear program than first thought and that north korean leader is engaging in more threatening acts. it will take us three years to install that missile defense system. >> two russian koz mo naughts are safely back on earth after five months in orbit. they landed in kaz ak stan at
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exactly 8:11 p.m. tonight. they were supposed to arrive back at earth yesterday, but freezing weather and fog traveled nearly 61 million miles. well, is it bad blood or just a friendly, bay-area robbery? while the silicon valley is still the gold standard, some other local cities are gaining ground. here is kimberly perry from oakland. >> reporter: and the program director of dbl investors should know. the san francisco-based venture capital firm is backing five oakland tech companies and hopes to find others to invest in. >> the more that we see oakland in a positive light, the more companies are going to choose to locate in oakland. and grow in oakland. >> oakland is quietly becoming a breeding ground for successful start-ups, giving birth to a
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revolution in everything from food to online music. streaming music by pandora had its best days as a publically traded company last week. revolution now delivers 120,000 deals daily. thanks to its central location of oakland. >> the city, county and state have made it a positive business climate. it's the enterprise zone. and, as such, our company can take advantage of the business incentives. >> the national venture capital association ranks the top u.s. cities for young tech companies in 2012. oakland ranks 11th. san jose and san francisco tops the list. no surprise there. but the high cost of rent is making other areas like oakland more attractive. another note, oakland has con sis tently ranked among the most sustainable cities in the u.s.
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many at the start-up are also green. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, kimberly. so is it the smartest smart phone yet? samsung unvailing its newest arrival, the iphone. the galaxys-4 can see and follow your eyes. it can pause a video if it senses you looked away. and you don't have to touch it. it responds to just the wave of your finger. the phone should be available in april and certainly get apple's attention. secrets of the bay area revealed this weekend as the national park sfts gives you a rare piece into what really happened in the great escape to alcatraz. archives usually were locked up and out of view and ready for your perusal. nbc bay area with a glimpse of history. >> the national park dates back over 200 years. but, as we all know, history
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isn't just measured in time. it's measured in stuff. >> we have millions of pieces of historic documents. >> a former calvary is now home to the national parks services archives for the golden gate national recreation area. it's a sm org esbord dating back to the beginning of the bay area's military history. >> we have here ranging from the spanish era. these are wooden stir ups that would have been used by a soldier. >> there are uniforms, letters photos, maps. >> we have those plans of how the structures were originally built. people can look at those and get the details if they have to restore certain elements. >> there are artifacts from alcatraz including evidence from
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the famous 1952 esz cape. >> we have papers that were used in creating the heads that they put in their place in the bonk. >> the archives are only open a couple days a week to researchers, but this saturday, the park is holding a rare open house to give the public a look. it's a chance to walk through more than two centuries of parks history from plans for nike missile site to a common butterfly. >> you never know what's going to be left behind and you never know what someone else is going to find interesting in 50 years. >> very interesting. >> very interesting. all right, let's check in with jeff o'reneary. >> oh, i like that. the hills are green. it looks pretty much like dublin, ireland. we're going to have some more major st. patrick's day
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celebrations. a little bit cooler for some of you and a little bit warmer for others depending on where that sun came out. we had 75, also 74 in santa rosa. kind of mild with that cloud cover overhead. it's helping to cap off with that heating. conditions mainly in the upper 50s. now, live to that sky hd, a look at alcatraz and also the koit tower. you're able to see it not much in the way of low cloud cover, but, once again, we do have that vail of haze sitting up above. high pressure offshore, that's going to drive some slightly offshore wind. that will keep it mild at least for saturday and sunday. then, eventually, in that seven-day forecast, we are going to be getting much colder changes by next week. temperatures going down into the 50s and also some much-needed rain for that. you'll find that familiar and cooler weather in the coastline. 50s and 60s. and then back from the interior valley.
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so let's bring you on into that saturday morning. so if you're planning on sleeping in, temperatures should be comfortedble out here. step out real quickly to grab the paper. get the coffee. 47 in san jose. also, 42 in the valley. a little bit of fog up against the coastline. by the afternoon on saturday, though, we are expecting more sunshine than we had for today. that is great news down here in the san jose region. 72 for you. 68 in santa cruz. 71 in palo alto. we'll find low to mid 70s. also, in dublin, where the st. patrick's day festivities are going to be going on. san francisco, 68. also, santa rosa, 75 at 60. if you are thinking about doing anything irish related with st. patrick's day this evening, you've got to head out to dub n dublin. they're having their temperatures tomorrow morning in the 50s when that parade gets
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kicked off, it stays sunny with the low 70s. here are some of the highlights. you can go to that parade tomorrow morning. they have the sister city of dublin and you can also check out the festival from 10:00 to 5:00 on sunday. i want to say thanks to mcgrath irish dancers. i surely appreciate it. and then we get some rain back as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> and you acquired some new skills at this event, too? >> i guess i learned how to pour a guiness beer properly. and no new dances. i wasn't going to try that. >> no new beer backdrop? >> we'll have that. let's see. >> thanks, jeff. just ahead, the humble ponti pontiff's simple act 24 hours after the coming pope. stay with us. [ male announcer ] subwaynew $3 six-inch select!
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this march, we're kicking things off with the low fat oven roasted chicken $3 six-inch select. it's available all month long as one of our march featured values, the newest way to enjoy subway every day! subway. eat fresh. fnchts you've been there lately, you know it's a mess. finding parking in downtown palo alto.
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the city is searching for solutions. the city council will address the issue on monday. the meeting is expected to be well-attended. >> permit-only parking. many complain that they're allowed to build downtown. they are not enforced their parking plans. push
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. >> let's bring it up at three. i know at some time, we're going to be talking about the warriors. that stunk. >> they weren't really very good. they had a chance to turn some heads. aldin smith, a great first-half of the year for the 49ers.
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49ers. now we know why. smith had a procedure on his shoulder. that story was first reported by nfl network and comcast sports net has confirmed it. it's also worth noting that smith was training for mixed martial arts. the injury, apparently, not that bad. warriors versus the bulls. we had to, eventually. cover your eyes. kind of a microcosm of the game here. steals it back. bogus misses. jared jack. he picks it up. and jimmy b mmy butler gets a f. warriors lose big. they're down by 30 plus at one point in this game. they lose big. 113-95. >> we do it. some games -- it happens to the best of them. some games, you just don't have it. that's not an excuse you want to
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keep using night-in, night-out. hopefully, we can throw this away. we're playing a tough houston team that that's their calling card, as well. >> basketball no good? how about baseball? puerto rico and usa loser goes home. singling off of his giant teammate. bagan would later score. let's go to the bottom of the eighth, bases loaded, two outs. cosmer ground out. the threat is over. bottom of the ninth, usa down to their final out. oakland's own jimmy rollins. puerto rico wins 4-3, team usa. they're done. they've been eliminated. >> giants in scotsdale. king allows just two hits over five shut-out innings.
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he makes contact. that can go a long way. souvenir out there in left field. his first of the spring, he would have an r.b.i. double in the sixth. they say that there's no tieing in baseball, most people lie. the as did. 2-2 against the diamond backs. four innings giving up two runs. there's still no crying in baseball. but you can tie. >> occasionfully. maybe an injury or two. the as -- go ahead, roj? >> i was going to say, you're fairly new to us. you came here from mlb network. you don't miss mlb network, do you? >> it was a great place to work. but being in the bay area with two very good baseball teams, that's the way to go, leaving a baseball network. >> right call. >> we'll be right back.
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fiently tonight, the leader of the catholic church is paying his own way. turns out he asked the driver to take him to the hotel where he was staying in rome so that he could pick up his luggage himself and pay his own bill. the hotel called the cleric's house in the church his own hotel. but that apparently did not matter to the hotel. francis i wanted to set a good example and do the right thing. >> apparently, he knew everyone at the hotel by their name or was asking them about their families and their well being. very touching. >> okay, jeff, we wake up and we have a st. patrick's day parade? >> yes, we have baseball at the park. >> the luck of the irish on our side this weekend. we're going to have the parade starting at 9d:30 tomorrow. and also both saturday and sunday, a festival from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. we're going to head out and check that out. temperatures in the mid 70s.
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cooler to the 60s. and then tuesday and next week, rain, finally. >> have a great weekend. >> see you monday. >> bye, bye.
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we got some spring breakers here? [ cheers and applause ] okay, a little tip. a lot of bars in malibu now require two forms of fake i.d., okay? [ laughter ] hey, here's some friendly advice. be careful what pictures you post on facebook. because any picture you spring breakers take when you're sober could hurt you when you try to join a fraternity or a a sorority. [ light laughter ] you know what today is? today is the ides of march. this is when julius caesar was stabbed in the back by the people he trusted. not a good day to be working at nbc. [ laughter ] woo. [ applause ] woo. woo. and i'll tell you what. and what a week it has been at the vatican! man. the white smoke. the euphoria. the bong, bong, bong. it was like colorado when they legalized marijuana. [ laughter ] did you see it? there was white smoke everywhere. and the coverage of the pope has just been nonstop th


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